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Favorit Liquibeton

Favorit Liquibeton self-leveling coating system for walking areas and other horizontal areas

Favorit Liquibeton is a self-leveling (liquid) decorative coating that can be used as a quick finish for large surfaces. After mixing the powder and water, the homogeneous material is applied by molding to the surface to be coated, then spread and smoothed. Due to its consistency, it can only be used on horizontal surfaces. The ready-to-use Favorit Liquibeton itself is a smooth and silky coating with a subtle surface effect, which means it has a basically homogeneous, uniform color.

Liquibeton is available in 12 color.

Liquibeton has a minimum thickness of 6 mm and a maximum thickness of 30 mm. After sanding, our Favorit lacquers give the surface a matte, silky and high gloss finish. Favorit Premium lacquer is recommended for all normal applications, we recommend Favorit Optimum lacquer for wet conditions or for increased use.

Favorit Liquibeton as a coating system is an excellent solution for renovations as it can be used to coat existing tiles, greslap tiles.

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