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Favorit Glettbeton

Favorit Glettbeton coating system for any interior surface

Favorit Glettbeton is a 2-component powder and resin coating system. After mixing the components properly, apply the mortar with a trowel or a special Favorit trowel.

Favorit Glettbeton can be used on any substrate: tile or gravel, concrete or screed, waterproof or ordinary drywall, plasters, wood, metal, glass, etc. surfaces.

With Favorit Glettbeton, more than 30 colors, unique textured, patterned concrete effects can be achieved. After ginding, our Harmony varnishes give the surface a matte, silky and high gloss finish. Favorit Optimum lacquer is recommended for all general applications, we recommend Favorit Premium lacquer in wet environments or in heavy use.

Depending on the roughness and thickness of the substrate, the coating can be applied up to a thickness of 2 to 3 mm, so there is no need to remove the existing coating.
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Build Your Own Favorit Glettbeton Shopping Basket!

Step 1: Select a primer

Calculate how many kg of primer you need to prepare the Favorit Glettbeton surface based on your material requirements!

Step 2: Select the color of Favorit Glettbeton and enter the amount required

Step 3: Choose the right lacquer

Step 4: We recommend the following accessories for your Favorit Glettbeton basket

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