Beton Design - Fair-faced concrete


  • Renovated Favorit showroom

    Renovated Favorit showroom

    The new customer waiting and showroom at our Sóskút site has been completed | Almost all colors and uses can be viewed in one place | You are welcome every working day!

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  • Favorit Beton

    Favorit Beton

    Beton + design = Favorit Beton! | Decorative fair-faced concrete surfaces inside and outside the house. Let your fantasy soar! Floors, stairs, walls, bathrooms or kitchen counters and many more options.

  • Gift Concrete Design T-Shirt!

    Gift Concrete Design T-Shirt!

    Photo for T-shirt! | If you like what you made of Favorit Concrete, just send a few photos! If we share it on our site you will get a Beton-Design T-shirt!

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  • Concrete Sculpture

    Concrete Sculpture

    Anyone could speak at the October 2016 Placcc Festival in Budapest on the Favorit Concrete pedestal. |



    New Favorit Glettbeton Reference | A recently renovated apartment on Akácfa Street has recently been completed. Thank you for the kind words of the designer - Anna Csupor.

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Budapest Akácfa street

An amazing bathroom.

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Public concrete spaces

Bar counter made of concrete

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Concrete furniture

Make new furniture from Favorit Concrete or retrovate old furniture!

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Favorit concrete

The increasingly popular fair-faced concrete (surfaces looking concrete) cover in Europe is finally available in your country!

Turn anything into a concrete surface. Do it yourself or consult our specialist contractor.

Favorit Glettbeton concrete system is a modern interior design solution for creating exclusive fair-faced visible concrete surfaces. Thanks to its special composition, it is able to personalize interiors and create customizable surfaces in colors and patterns.

Favorit Glettbeton can be applied to almost any surface:

  • Floors, stairs, plasterboard or plastered walls, complete bathrooms, kitchen counters, worktops, decorative items, furniture and so many unique solutions.

Whether you're building a new one or renovating it, make your dreams come true with Favorit Glettbeton!

It is only 1-2mm thick! It can be applied to tiles, tiles without significantly increasing the layer thickness, making it the perfect solution for renovations. It can be used on virtually any substrate, be it metal, glass or wood. It can even be used to cover decor and utility items.


More than 30 colors are available!

Favorit Glettbeton is a fine-grained, two-component mortar made from additives selected from white or gray cement and resin. Its composition has been developed to be particularly elastic and high tensile strength and to provide perfect adhesion to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

In addition to Favorit Glettbeton, we also offer a number of other products to create and make concrete surfaces look unique. Check it out and choose from our other products!

Our Sóskút plant can satisfy any, even unique needs within a few days. Design a concrete surface for your living space! Order the color you like and other elements of the Glettbeton system and we will send you your Favorit Glettbeton package within a day or two.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you..